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Mom fighting brain cancer GoFundME Campaign Viral Marketing

Hi my name is Tanya and I’m seeking help for my mother who is battling brain cancer. We believe in her and her strength and the love in our family. We will get through this together and continue to hope and pray for a true miracle! She was diagnosed in the beginning of 2015 with what we thought could be treated with a simple surgery and possibly treatment.

Unfortunately the location of the tumor is pushing against her brainstem and can not be completely removed with surgery. She has underwent 2 surgeries in which they were able to remove up to 80% and has done 6 weeks of radiation therapy. The radiation did not work and a small amount will always be there. She had been up and down with her health back and forth to the hospital multiple times.

The last month things have turned for the worst. She was taken to the ER just this past week with severe headaches and nausea. We have been told that she has swelling in her brain and fluid build up which is causing severe pressure. The worst news of all is the tumor has grown back enough that it is now pushing more on her brainstem. She can not have another operation or radiation for her risks are to high.

She is running out of options and our last and only option is for her to be sent out of town 4hrs from where we live to see if she qualifies for any clinical trials. Within all this time she has lost her job and the insurance she has only covers so much. Myself and my little sister are doing our best to care for her but our funds are running low and want to be able to continue helping her through this till the end.

We don’t know where else to turn to and honestly is taking all we have to ask for some help. We greatly appreciate anything we can receive and we ask for continued prayers for her and our family. Thank you and God bless you all.