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A mission to inspire! Donors

Hello friends and family!! I created this patreon account with hopes of getting support to help my mission, to continue bringing valuable and encouraging content on my youtube channel.

A little about me. I’m a funny and courageous woman who is full of life and want to share it with the world! and also encourage and inspire the ones who need it. i upload twice a week to my youtube channel at Rhashasamazinglife, and i have dreams of being a full time content creator.

My life goal and dream is to reach as many hearts as possible and turn frowns upside down with inspiration, encouragement ,hope and strength to follow ones dreams. the girl/boy or woman/man who feels un pretty, or not so handsome and not confident in her or himself, I’m here to tell them to rise up and be who you are, and shine! we are in this life together we are never alone. If you can help I’m forever grateful to you!