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Come and share with me this ministry opportunity that the Lord has presented to me to spread the Word of God in Africa, starting with the country of Nigeria.

This 3 week mission trip will be with a team of fellow missionaries to Nigeria’s North Eastern states.This is Boko Haram country, a land where:
1. Christians are burnt alive while worshiping in their churches.
2. Christians are rendered homeless every week due to attacks on their villages and towns.
3. Christian women and children are kidnapped from their homes, raped and killed because they will not renounce their faith.

This mission’s goal is to counter the ravages of the Boko Haram terrorist sect on Christians in this part of Nigeria often referred to as ‘the heart of terror’ by focusing on the following:
1. Ministering about faith, hope and perseverance to these christian victims.
2. Counseling Rape victims and providing primary medical assistance to the sick and elderly.
3. Creating and developing a social services network for orphans, widows and the homeless by partnering with local charities and NGOs.

Your financial support will help us with the following for each missionary:
Flight Ticket to Abuja, Nigeria=$2500
Local Transportation=$750
Female Victims and orphans Sanitary supplies=$1250

This first missionary trip is planned to commence February, 17th 2017.

The result of this trip is fourfold:
1. First, we will be allowing God to work in our lives through the personal enrichment that comes from this type of missionary journey.
2. Second, this Prayer Journey will help us focus our individual prayers by traveling to a foreign land and praying ‘on-site with insight.’ We will pray for the victims of the Boko Haram atrocities that God may open their eyes and hearts to peace, forgiveness and to the message of Jesus Christ.
3. Scout out locations and start the negotiation for building orphanages in these communities.
4. Building a “Wall of Hope” in these communities. This is a physical wall with the names of each victim of the Boko Haram terrorist sect inscribed on these walls. This “Wall of Hope” will ensure that these victims will never be forgotten.

This is an opportunity to see how other people in the world live as well as lending them a helping hand.
While God has opened up a door for me to develop a greater heart of compassion for His people around the world, the exciting part is that you will be able to share in this compassion in several ways.

First, you can Pray for me and my fellow Missionaries. We will need prayers that God will prepare us for our visit and bless our efforts as we minister to the beloved in Boko Haram country.

We will also need prayers that our financial needs will be met. At this time we need to raise $5,000 for each missionary to make this trip, and that is quite a challenge! If you feel called to give, please give what you can.

As you give, I speak victory into every area of your life. The God of heaven will enlarge your coasts; in your work, business, academic area, and all you do, your promotion will manifest and your breakthrough shall be accelerated. In your home, marriage, and your health, there shall be peace like a river. Do not be afraid, and do not be dismayed, for the battle is not yours but God’s. The Lord shall restore you to the original design for your life; your fruitless labor shall come to an end, and all that has been lost in your life shall be restored in multiple folds. Go forth and prosper in Jesus Christ Name, Amen.