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Michael’s Car Engine Fund GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Hi there, my Name is Michael Anderson and I need some help to fix my 2008 Mini Cooper.
I moved to Florida in July of 2016 after being downsized at my job. I have been working temp jobs and seasonally at Universal Orlando.

While pursuing my dreams I also recently bought my first home and the repairs on that went over budget.
I also have no family that I can turn to in this time of need and car insurance will not cover this.
On Wednesday night while coming home from work

I have located a used engine on eBay (engine pictured) and am trying to raise the funds to purchase it and have it installed in my car.

If I can’t get it fixed, I will most likely lose my job, and home.
Please if you can find the kindness in your heart donate and help me get through this.
If you can’t donate please at least pass this on.

Any left over money will be donated back to the community.

I have chosen Big Dog Ranch Rescue as the non-profit to donate too.

Thank you very much