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Medical bills help us pay rent GoFundME

We live in a trailer 10′ x 35′ falling apart but its better than the street or car, our medical bills are so high we are three Months behind on rent and cannot be evicted because of my oxygen and my wife’s Sleep Apnea. We also have three cats over twelve years old.

Our rent is only $360.00 a month, but we are behind three months in FIVE more days and have already gotten an advance notice of eviction in Eleven days. We both need ongoing medical costs and our cats even have prescriptions to refill.

Please we owe over $7,000. in debts and are both Disabled and only asking for rent help. Later it would be nice to have teeth as I only have about Sixteen roots because one of my RX’s rot teeth and there is no alternative I am not allergic too. Debbie’s are ground down and in need of Dentures also. We are trying to get Govt. help, but it is so confusing My pride has allowed us to keep trying on our own but I have failed Her and our Cats.

The list of our medical challenges is so long and both of us have been minutes from Death when an ambulance arrived. So if you can help us with any amount we are forever in you debt and thank Him for you and hope to be able too pass it forward.