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Malik’s Accident Fundraiser GoFundME Viral Marketing

Paying off a repair debt from and accident both parties want to pay out of pocket for yo avoid increase in insurance. Please help or donate if possible

My name is Malik Shabazz, and I’m raising money to pay off a bill for a car accident I was involved in. The cost is being used in lieu of insurance because an increase in insurance would cause a burden on my household as well as my Grandmother, and I do not want to cause her anymore stress than I already have. Also, the second person does not have car insurance thus repairs must be made out of pocket.

So please consider helping in this endeavor as you will be helping a cause that means I can help keep my grandmother and house from falling even deeper in stress. Thank you for any and all money raised. This campaign is really important to me and everyone in my house.

By paying off this repair bill we can be a little more calm about saving money to fix the other things in our house that are broken.