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Małgorzata Kmieć Needs Computer GoGetFunding Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

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Małgorzata Kmieć is a 43 year old self employed divorced freelance virtual assistant in need of a new PC to continue running her online business.

Małgorzata has been self employed for over 5 years and has worked from her home in Poland to provide for her 2 children as a single mother since then and has several thousand hours under her belt as virtual assistant. She has worked for dozens of other online businesses and companies who have hired her for her excellent work in SEO, customer serivce, online sales, Data entry, affiliate marketing and more.

In recent weeks her old personal computer has been in need of repair and has extremely affected her work as a virtual assistant and her personal life as well.

She has created this funding page to help fund a new PC computer for to continue working and provide for her family through her only source of income as a online salewoman/ virtual assistant.

Please consider making a donation to support Małgorzata Kmieć as a businesswoman and self employed single mother today.

Please see some of her work below: