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Lunar Eclipse, HORROR VR GAME Kickstarter Viral Campaign

Stumble into an Ancient Mansion whose Darkest Secrets are Sealed away from Mortal Eyes – Experience all this in Quality Mobile VR!

Supported on Android and Samsung Gear VR. Unlock milestones to have Daydream, HTC Vive and Oculus Support, Coming to Apple Store soon!

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  • Walk into a New World
    Take a walk into an Oriental Setting where Exotic Fables exist in a mindbending way.
  • Be Frightened immersively, affordably
    With Current Technology, one would need 500USD to experience a full VR, comparatively, we want to put our Experiences in Games Building a Frightening and Affordable VR content
  • Meet the Population
    You won’t find Werewolves or Headless Horseman (at least not the ones you are familiar with) Be prepared to be greeted by a host of Scaries the Far East Kind.
  • Stepping Translates to Horror
    When we ask of you to step into the World, we literally mean it as every jerk and step you take, you will Move Forward Exploring your Fear.
  • Oriental is the new way to learn Fear
    Experience what it is to be like a Qing Inspector and to visit the Massacre Manor in <BEI YU>, an Land which has different tribes co-existing together under the Qing Dynasty.

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