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Livinlingo – the new app for language learning Kickstarter Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Livinlingo is a mobile app for android and iOS. It is designed to be a community for language learners and native speakers, offering space for questions about any foreign language as well as tandem and translation requests.

Also, it offers a unique way to create and share vocabulary, with a feedback feature to correct and extend vocabulary uploaded by users worldwide.


About this project

Livinlingo – the new app for language learning

Livinlingo is in the middle of its making and needs funding for finalizing design and core features before officially launching in 2017.

What is Livinlingo?

Livinlingo is a mobile app for android and iOS. It is designed to bring language learners and native speakers together.

Who is Livinlingo meant for?

Livinlingo appeals to everybody who loves learning and speaking foreign languages and interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds. Young professionals in international firms, students, travellers, as well as newly-arrived immigrants are the app’s main audience.


The name „Livinlingo“ is a stylized form of „living languages“, which can be interpreted as „speaking modern foreign languages“ and „keeping languages alive“. The motto of Livinlingo is „sharing and caring“ in the context of languages in a world where boundaries matter less and inter-cultural exchange is becoming increasingly important in many was of everyday life. A common basis for exchanging knowledge in foreign languages is crucial for everyone who wants to be successful in the international job market, emigrate to a foreign country, or who just moved to a foreign country in order to start a new life there. Livinlingo is a social platform for people who want to learn a language or help language learners with issues concerning their own native language, or both. Therefore, a strong community for people with a common motivation is the key element for successful language exchange.

Who is behind Livinlingo?

My name is Boris Tolic, I grew up with two languages (Croatian and German), studied English and Spanish, and also learned Portuguese over the past few years. I have always been fascinated by foreign languages and the cultural diversity of our world. Working as a translator, it was my personal task to break language barriers, and in Livinlingo I see an extended form of this task by creating a common space for language learners and native speakers alike.

What are the features of Livinlingo?

Currently, Livinlingo has five features:

1. Ask questions about a particular foreign language

2. Share language exchange requests in order to get connected with a native speaker

3. Share a ‘meet up’ request in order to meet native speakers abroad or to bond with language learners in the own city

4. Share translation requests and have native speakers translate complex texts where machine translation reaches its limits.

5. Search native speakers, either by native language or other criteria, such as location, gender, age, and more.

Will Livinlingo be for free?

Livinlingo will be a ‘freemium’ model. There will be features that can be used for free as a basic member and paid features that can be used as a premium member.

What are the costs for the premium version?

The premium version will come in three packages (1 month, 3 months, and 6 months). The final price is not set yet – depending on developing and maintainance costs, pricing will be approximately as follows:

1 month: around 3 €

3 months: around 6 €

6 months: around 10 €

Features for both basic and premium members:

– Create and edit a profile

– Search native speakers by native language

– Share posts (limited for basic memebers)

– Create vocabulary from external sources

Features for premium members only:

– Add users and posts to bookmarks for faster access

– Duplication of own psots for faster re-posting

– Share an unlimited amount of posts

– Share vocabulary worldwide and transfer other users’ vocabulary to own vocabulary

– Extract words from other users’ posts to own vocabulary (independently from external sources)

– Search native speakers by different criteria and preferences

– many more features coming with future updates

What will be Livinlingo’s unique selling proposition?

A core feature that is yet to be developed – and which will consume a large part of the anticipated funds – is a vocabulary section. It is designed for users to create their own vocabulary, both from external sources and from replies to their translation requests. Moreover, the idea is to share vocabulary worldwide, thus making it accessible to other language learners. Also, a feedback function is to be integrated, so users can help each other correct and extend their vocabulary. All in all, this feature is designed to establish an ever-growing dictionary based on the everyday usage of a vast number of users.