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Lily-Rose Treatment Surgery Help GoFundME

Lily-Rose Story

Lily-rose is a happy little girl, she has cycle a date yet, they say around the 22nd of August 2016 to be going in for surgery. The surgery is going to take a long 6 hours.

Skye and Mitchell are calling out for donations. They are finding it very financially difficult with just the one income. They have been to Government areas for help but have been turned down, due to apparently Mitchell earns too much.

They are struggling to pay house payments, rates, etc. At the moment Mitchell will not be able to be there for Lily-Rose and Skye to support them when Lily-Rose goes in for surgery, as he is going to have to continue to work to make ends meet.

Skye and Mitchell have spoken to social workers with no help.

Gofundme is a last resort for them and would really appreciate any donations given.

You can follow Lily-Rose journey on Facebook.

Lily-Rose story was written for her on behalf of a family member as per while it is written in third person.

MRI results showing where the tumour is.