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Lillie Young Foundation of Hope GoFundME Viral Promo

From the age of 13 I have took care of my 6 brothers and sisters because of the passing of my mother. As life went on and the passing of my sister-n-law, I took in her 4 children with the care of my own 4 children. As time progress I became the legal guardian of my 3 grandchildren. Now I am a 9yr D.C.F.S foster parent of 4 children. I want an open door policy 7 days a week, I love the elderly and teens. All my life I’ve feed, care for and encouraged the growth of the community. As the Pastor of N.S.R of Chicago M.B. church, My strong and barely controllable emotion is to help bring the community together. This is what my Lillie Young Foundation of Hope is for. With the unfortunate acts in the Roseland community, Lillie Young Foundation of Hope decided to open and extend a hand of help. Unfortunately my mission has come to a halt because of a Random property scam by phony owners. Lillie Young Has gathered up what she can to give up the $5,000 deposit to this such owner. Lillie Young Foundation of Hope tried to raise money for improvements but was unable to compensate. Now I am here asking for a hand of help to make this possible for the youth and to better the community.