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Let’s Do Something For Handloom’s And Weaver FREE GoFundME Marketing

This is a very big movement and there has to consistent support to keep the momentum of work. Whenever you support us, not only you’re helping us to grow, but you’re helping the world to become a better place, by sponsoring this concept and assuring livelihood who live under vulnerable conditions. My objective is to spread the message about the different initiatives and raise funds for the successful implementation of these projects. Talented weaver using age-old techniques and local materials to make handloom with their creative knowledge. We will heartily try to create a positive impact and change the lives of millions of people. We will support them to get their work in front of Indian customers and abroad. By our service we are committed to helping weaver grow their creative activities in difficult economic environments. We will give a Global platform to this individual weaver directly cutting all other intermediaries and raise funds so can provide raw materials to the weaver family; reduce costs of authentic Handloom Saree production.

It’s an important note because everyone wants to know where the funds go and if we don’t reach our entire goal then what happen. I would like to tell you something from my heart that we really need your support so this prominent service may become a reality. We have a target of 50 weaver family to support. We hope to raise $ 500000 USD by November 2016. So we can build this project for those who actually need support from us. We will use this fund sincerely to support them. We will support and encourage to poor weaver to present their creative knowledge of handloom in the world. We will support them to properly manage their Handloom’s weaving activities. We will provide latest technology and highly required business strategy for development of the Handloom’s.

It’s a important information, If we will not reach entire goal then what. I would like to share with every one that this concept is not just a concept by this we will try to support some weaver who want to survive in this costly society. We want to support 50 weaver family , If we fail to reach the total goal then we will support the number of weaver family as per the contribution ll receive from our respected contributor, its maybe 1,5,10,25 or total number of 50. That’s totally depend on contributed amount. So we need support from all of you to achieve our total goal amount.

The Perk :

Whatever you can give is appreciated and so very helpful. No donation is too small , please give what you can ! In return an awesome beautiful high quality Indian Traditional Handloom Saree with a thanking letter and an E- Card will be present to you. If you wear this Indian Traditional Saree you will be more beautiful.

In the perk we will glad to present a gift to our respected contributor who support us.

You’ll be some our favorite supporters for life !