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Land to Heirloom GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Well I’m a young man in the great state of Michigan; 21 years old, who is looking to buy some land in hopes of passing it on to my family later in life.

Though I am not married or have children, it is never to late to think about my future family and what I can pass on to them after I pass away when I get old. The land and trees will be a extra source of income via the nuts and fruit that will be harvested. The trees themselves can be felled and sold for a profit because they will be hardwood trees.

The funds will go to purchasing a land parcel, hardwood saplings or seeds, and equipment that will be used to clear the land and plant the saplings.

The saplings or seeds in question will be a mixture of hickory, american walnut, american chestnut, ginkgo, almond, hazelnut, pecan, black walnut, beech, and butternut trees. Any support will mean the world to me because my grandfather left my family a parcel of land after he passed away that was sold some years ago that help us get through the recession and I wish to do the same for my current and future family.