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Kyndall Waters Education Fund GoFundME Marketing PR Agency

My brother-in-law passed away from a drug overdose. He leaves behind a 9 year old daughter, Kyndall. We are trying to raise money to pay for funeral costs. The remainder will be placed into a 529 for Kyndall’s education.

Kyndall Waters’ father, Eric Waters, met an untimely death this past Tuesday. This fund will be used to offset the funeral costs and start a 529 for Kyndall’s education.

Eric was going through a troubled period in his life. He didn’t have any life insurance and the costs for funeral expenses are $7600 and the family has been financially devastated.

All of the surplus will be placed in to an education growth fund. She is nine and needs all the help without her father in her life.

God bless you for your help.

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