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Justice for Christy! GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

I have been trying to get closure and justice for my daughter’s death which was thru hospital error.

The three original charges were: 1- she was reported potassium critical and never received the potassium.(Thru their own admission) 2- As a result her heart went erratic and it was treated as an anxiety attack, due to her past history.

She was given Valium instead of oxygen, and when they realized she was having a heart attack it was already too late. (Verified by 2 doctors) 3- The nurses requested she be transferred to the ICU and the doctor, over the phone, said it wasn’t necessary.

For an inexplicable reason, my attorney dropped the charges against the nurses and hospital, without my knowledge. He then proceeded to drop the charges against the doctor. On the recommendation of another lawyer, I brought him up on ethics charges.

They seem to be going nowhere as I was interviewed, but advised I could not have an attorney “due to confidentiality.” I have admittance papers that have 2 different diagnosis with my signature (verified) as forged on the 2nd diagnosis,five months later.

There was a cover up and i have the evidence that nobody is interested in! I need assistance in hiring a good lawyer to get “Justice For Christy!”