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Ethan J Rogers. I’m a 4th grader currently attending Madison Elementary School in the Los Angeles Unified School District and my dream is to become a great and successful American leader.

Ethan Rogers, Student, Author and Entrepreneur

Hello, my name is Ethan J Rogers

I am currently Class President and had to compete against other students to get elected to this position. I work very hard to do what needs to be done and always do it with honesty.

I am a multi award winning student. I have earned many awards over the years for Reading, Math, Science, Attendance, Citizenship and Honor Roll.

I am also currently writing a book with my sister, Tanya Rogers, about our experiences at what we consider to be entrepreneurs. You can read all about this when we publish our book in the next couple months.

In addition to what I have wrote about above. I’m also a soccer player in the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO). Plus, I have been taking music class at school for 2 years. Last year I studied violin and this year, since they are so similar, I am also learning cello.

Now that you know a little about me, let me tell you about an opportunity that came to me.

A few days ago in the mail I received a letter from the Junior National Young Leaders Conference. It is a 6-day event to be held in Washington DC next summer, 2017. I was nominated by my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Angela Tinoco. She nominated me based on my academic performance and leadership potential.

I will have the opportunity to learn important success skills in leadership, such as teamwork, communication, collaboration, and problem solving. I will interact with other “Young Leaders” from across the U.S. and meet with Motivational Speakers and Public Figures at this 6-day event. We will participate in activities in Washington D.C., West Virginia and Maryland. This is the chance of a lifetime to do something that can have a very positive impact on my future. To learn more about JrNYLC, click here to visit their website: JRNYLC

Help today at

I am asking for your help with my tuition and other related expenses. My family does a lot for me and my sister, but this is an unexpected and large expense, $3,224. I have just a little over a month to register for this event and pay a $500 deposit. Luckily they do have a payment plan, so I do not have to pay the entire tuition amount by registration time, we can pay it over a few months.

Here is a breakdown of the expenses:
Program Tuition: $2,195
Airline tickets: $550-600
Tuition/Travel insurance: $129
Misc expenses: $300
Total estimated expense: $3,224

We need to collect this money as soon as possible. The $500 deposit is due on November 4, 2016. Then the payment plan for the rest of the program tuition will be $300 per month starting December 2016. As for the other expenses, the Airline tickets are the next most important expense, since the closer to the travel date we get, the higher the price will rise.

ANY help you can provide will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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Please help me attend this event and donate today. When the trip is over I will give you a complete recap of everything that happened.

You can stay up to date on everything by following me on Twitter and facebook @realethanrogers

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