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John & Boni’s Nautium App 4 Cruisers GoFundME Boost PR Agency

Nautium is the first app that will bring all the moving parts in a cruiser/sailor’s life together in one place. A captain’s log, maintenance tracker, trip planner and more, all in one.

There is a lot to keep track of and manage when living on the water, and Nautium is designed to take some of the stress away from the captain in charge of keeping his passengers and crew safe.

We know there are other apps out there. We’ve tried them. Used them. And in our experience, they all fall short of what we need. There’s a good one for what’s on my boat. There’s another with several to-do lists. You may have tried them yourself. But they don’t talk to one another and they don’t cover everything you need to cover when living, vacationing, chartering, or otherwise operating a boat.

Nautium sports a relational database, so when you update one item it updates all other related fields. For example, when you change the fuel filter on your diesel engine, it will reset the reminder for your next filter change with the parameters you’ve preset: either when you’ve hit another 100 engine hours or three months has gone by. You choose and Nautium does the rest.

Worried about internet? When we’re cruising, we often don’t have an internet or cell phone connection. Nautium works independently, on one, two or more devices, and will sync once you’re connected again.

Want to leave a paper logbook for the next owner? No worries. An export function allows you to print and share the most impressive log, voyage and maintenance history details to give your buyer all the background and confidence they need.

Whether you live on, own, or charter a sailboat, trawler or another type of boat, here’s a brief list of what Nautium will let you do.

– Log sailing hours per helmsman, distances and key events
– Plan trip options, modify parameters and play with ‘what-if’ scenarios
– GPS and current weather integration
– Inventory system, including locations of bins, compartments and contents
– Energy calculator: track power consumption, assess capacity (do I need more solar panels?)
– System usage, maintenance schedule & tracking (e.g. I ran my generator for 9.5 hours last month, triggering a reminder to change the oil)
– Reporting functions: put your data to work for you.

Nautium functions whether you are connected to the internet or not: you can still use all the benefits when you’re offshore or enjoying a remote bay. It will simply sync when you do have an internet connection.

The funds raised will be used right away to develop a “minimum viable product”, or MVP, which is a test-platform for functionality that has the look and feel of a finished product. With this MVP, we will be ready to reach out to other cruisers for their review and feedback on the app, to investors who may be interested in participating in the commercial launch, and to launch the bigger crowdfunding campaign which will help us raise all the funds required to fully develop the consumer version of the Nautium app.

John has developed the Nautium prototype over the past year using FileMakerPro on his computer and phone, using our real-life experience buying, outfitting, caring for, living aboard and sailing Ingenium, our 40′ sailboat and home.

Your support for this project will mean we have an opportunity to help make the lives of mariners better and safer.

We will be forever grateful for your support of this project. If you are interested in receiving a test or beta version of the app to provide us with feedback, please let us know. Thank you in advance for sharing with your networks to help us bring Nautium to market.

Gratefully yours, Boni & John
s/v Ingenium