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Jacob’s Medical Fund

Meggan McArdle Jacob's Medical FundDONATE Today!

Good Evening,

My name is Meggan and I am a disabled wife trying to raise money for my husband to get medical treatment he needs for his severe TMJ. We found today that our insurance excludes this so we have to pay completely out of pocket to get the splints and anti-inflammatory injections that can make it so he can use his jaw again. We cannot appeal this and even to get just partial treatment would require much more than we have. He is the light of my life and without him I would not be able to be as strong as I am now. He fully supports us by working long hours through this constant pain. Even through this all he continues to give his all at work and at home. Staying for overtime, giving me a break from the kids, being an amazing father. He is our Superman and to see him in such constant agonizing pain is so very difficult to bear. We’ve struggled for months with primary care doctors, ear nose and throat doctors, and dentists to try and fix this. When we found Dr. Farrell we were relieved that there was finally a specialist who could help him. But, then we found out about the insurance exclusion. He cannot eat solid food and it pains him to laugh and smile at our children’s antics. Even with the treatment plan he would be limited to liquid and soft foods for 4 months. So, I beg of you to please help us because he needs this fixed right away. He’s in constant agony and the splints and treatment plan could fix this problem in as little as four to five months if we start now. I want my husband who works so very hard for us to be able to smile, eat, laugh, and tell jokes like he used to. I cannot express how grateful my family would be if you were to help us with this. So please consider donating to our cause. And if you cannot donate then please consider “liking” our campaign on Facebook and sharing this post.

Thank you so much for reading and considering this campaign. Positive thoughts in our direction are encouraged because we definitely need them as well.

Because my husband was in so much pain a family member lent out their care credit card for us when they themselves desperately need it. They even cancelled their own appointments so it would cover everything. Now they suffer for us and i am so thankful for them but, all donations are going to pay off this care credit card for them so they can the work they need ASAP.