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Hurricane Relief on LaGonave GoFundME Promotion

We are collecting for reliefs efforts on the island of LaGonave in the bay of Haiti. We have a person who is stationed on the island as a missionary. Early reports are that the island and the orphanage/school sustained destructive damage..

No salaries or administrative costs are being taken from these funds….A full description of the project is in place on the

UPDATE: I HAVE TEMPORARILY CHANGED THE FOCUS OF THIS CAMPAIGN TO ONE OF RECOVERY……As i write this, Doug is bracing for a direct hit by the eye of Hurricane Mathew. I was able to speak and email with him a couple of times last night around 7:00pm. At that time, he indicated that several buildings at the compound had already been destroyed and the main force of the storm was still hours away…I have been unable to reach him since….

Please, Please consider passing on that Starbucks Coffee this morning and contributing to this fund. The US to Haitian currency exchange rate means that; your one cup of coffee can buy 2 sheets of plywood or 6 cement blocks..We will return to the effort to build an airport at LaGonave, but right now we just need to get the kids shelter and necessities…If you are financially unable to help at this time….Then PLEASE pass this on in your Facebook feed and share as much as you can….Even a share is helpful if it gets the message into the right hands……………Former Effort Statement: For many years I have coasted through life taking whatever benefits came my way. Last year my aircraft mechanic took a step that I was always too scare to make. He sold everything he owned and moved to LaGonave (a small island off the coast of Haiti).

His goal was to drill water wells (before his arrival, there were only two wells on an island that is 10 miles by 33 miles, now there are 5 and more being drilled weekly by the truck that Doug bought from the states). After hearing about the joy that he brought to so many, I thought about my skills and what I could offer. I have made contacts and found a large swath of land that I can buy and have secured permission from the Haitian Government to build a Runway and small airport. That is MY goal. Each year, more than a dozen children DIE from small medical issues that would mean nothing in the states; Appendicitis, Spider bites, runaway infections from cuts, even Asthma, because they can’t get to the main island that is just 20 miles away. A ferry runs only twice daily and only during the daytime…

There are planes and Helicopters on the main island, but no place for them to land. Even the mission groups that come from the states have to travel by ferry from the main island. My passion, as many know, is aviation. We can do this….We can build a Runway that will actually make a difference in someone’s life, maybe even save their life…..I am looking for any donations. even the price of one Starbucks Coffee will help. The money will go toward completing the contract for sale and buying a John Deere 450 Bulldozer that is on the main island…

NO INCOME or PAYROLL will be received from this effort, Just actionable work..The Total cost of the land is $12,500.00 American and the John Deere is $2500.00. Many of you might think that this is too cheap to be true, but remember that American dollars are 23 times more powerful in Haiti..I promise that each contributor will have their name on a plaque at the New Airport when finished. Please take the time to Google; La Gonave and see for yourself how easy it would be to make a BIG difference…..