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Homeless For The Holidays GoFundME Donors PR Agency

Hello there, my name is Aleks and right now I am terrified. I have a Two year old son and right now we are faced with 9 days to find a place to go. I have no family and no friends that can house us and this is the hardest holiday season we have ever had.

I am currently working 40 hours a week but with a biweekly pay that just isn’t enough. We are being evicted because the people we were staying with turned out to be drug addicts and used the money I gave them and their own to get high instead of pay the rent, leaving me out of the loop of knowing until it became too late to change a thing .

Please, please help any way you can, I know two weeks is a short time but if you can’t donate please share, share, share as much as you can. My son needs a stable place, I need to keep my job and make sure he is healthy, happy and not on the street. The money donated will be used for first, last and security, I can take it from there! I will post updates of the new place, of how happy and safe we all are and you will all have my undying gratitude.