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Hollywood Voices Raise Awareness on Equal Rights Black Judge Jailed by White Judge

Hollywood Voices Raise Awareness on Equal Rights (Black Judge Jailed by White Judge)

Social media causes Hollywood celebrity support videos to go viral raising awareness on equal rights protection and upholding the United States Constitution for persons of all races, religions, and gender

Last week a series of social media videos made by Hollywood celebrities began taking viral effect in support of an African American-Muslim man who worked as a Tribal Court Judge for an Indian tribal community in the bay area before being arrested by San Benito County’s sheriff and sent to Santa Rita jail by the U.S. Marshals, for performing what the Native American Tribe and the Tribal Council believed to be Tribal affairs on Indian trust land (“Indian Canyon reservation”).

The earlier news on this story ( ) reports a federal civil action against the San Benito County officials, and a non-Indian trespasser, who court records show had allegedly physically assaulted tribal staff and abused an elderly tribal member. However, a dispute over who had the legal right to police the Indian reservation road (“Indian Canyon Road”) resulted in the Costanoan tribal court Chief Justice, Cary Lee Peterson, being arrested for issuing an order of restraint and hiring a private security agency to patrol and protect the Indian reservation from unwanted, non-Indian trespassers and visitors that posed a threat, or had a history of committing acts of violence at Indian Canyon’s tribal community presently led by Tribal President Kanyon Sayers-Roods.

Last week Hollywood TV Judge Jeanine Pirro, a Lebanese American attorney from New York, made a video greeting ( ) supporting Tribal Justice Peterson and the Costanoan Indian Tribal Community. Judge Jeanine’s video began going viral over the past week, along with other Hollywood celebrities raising awareness on equal rights protection and upholding the United States Constitution for persons of all races, religions, and gender.

Judge Jeanine’s video clip, as other Hollywood supporters, such as reality TV star Braunwyn Windham Burke of Real Housewives of Orange County, raise awareness on the fact ‘Black, Muslim, and Native American, lives matter’ and that American Judges in the court of law must ‘uphold the U.S. Constitution’ and equal rights protection for everyone no matter their race, gender, or religion.

Today, Judge Peterson remains in federal custody for a third month, without bail, a scheduled trial, or statutory law to justify continued detention for an uncharged offense that is in accordance with the United States Code, or Constitution, as court papers disclose, among related cases in the federal district and circuit courts in the bay area.

Social media support for Peterson’s release has grown over the past month. But the next court date this week has no clear review or resolution since the same federal courthouse in San Jose is the listed defendant and respondent in the ‘mandamus suit’ filed in the Ninth U.S. Court of Appeals by Judge Peterson last month ( This case was initially terminated, November 17, 2022, but days later the court record shows a motion for rehearing this ‘extraordinary’ issue that stems from a dispute over the ‘construction’ of words used by United States District Court Judge Edward J. Davila in the U.S. District Court, California, San Jose, twice this past summer.

Neither San Benito County nor Justice Department officials could be reached for comment on this issue; two unanswered federal subpoenas (, and impeached testimony provided by a DOJ official in an October hearing.

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