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Hidden Paradises

A breath for the North Sardinia

Hi, my name is Vittorio.

I’m 29 and I live in the north of Sardinia.

I am a nursing student and a volunteer of the emergency service.

I felt in love with Nature since I was five and now I’m still here, fascinated by this place.

I grow up in this part of the Island and I saw this place changing.

Some of these magical places are so different now. Tourism, Industry, Cities, Pollution just made the difference.

So, I started to make photos of the beauty that makes this place so special and that make this place Home.

It’s necessary for all of us doing something and we need to do it starting with our Home.

If everyone takes care of the own garden at the end we will have just a series of beauties gardens.

That’s How I decided to start this project.

The Project’s final objective is to raise awareness of the respect for our Home.

All of us, in every place of the world, are guest in a wonderful place and the entire world is interconnected.

Every place can be our home and we need to take care of these places.

For This Project I would like to realize a PhotoBook with the Beauties of the North of Sardinia to let know what are we losing.

I Will do this project By Traveling trough the North and shooting some of these places BUT: I’ll shot them twice.

In the first Photo I take a Picture of the Place as it appears; with the trash, with the pollution, to represent the negative approach of the people.

After That I will remove the trash and I will take another photo. In this way we can see that we can make the difference.

At the End I’ll take the Photos and I’ll make a photobook. If the project reaches more founds it will be amazing make a Calendar to remember every day how we can change our life.

If I can I would like to make a final photographic exhibition.

I call your attention and ask for a donation or if you want you can donate in exchange for a Print or for the Photobook or For The Calendar.

I’ll use these donations to support the cost of the journey, the cost of a base camera to make the shoots and the actives costs to remove and discard the trash.

Untill now I spent my life looking for something important. Something that can do de difference and the hardest part is just start do it.

I started Now, and you?