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Hendersville: An Eco-Hotel Company FREE IndieGoGo Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Short Summary
Hi I’m Chandler King the founder of Hendersville. We at Hendersville would like everyone to know why we want to start a Eco-Hotel Company. The reason I started this company was due to all the support I received by my friends and family to open a business all by myself. The reason why I want to open a Eco-Hotel is simple, I enjoy and love the earth and want to keep its green environment by using friendly and non-toxic items during my venture as a hotel company. The money that I am asking for is all planned to be used to make the hotel the best it can be and the money covers cost such as the Land, Construction, Permits and Legal fees, Taxes, The activities that make the stay more enjoyable and the amount of money needed to keep the Hotel running for about a month or two!

What We Need & What You Get
The land in South America is hard to get for hospitality services and with that there are many universal real estate agents that hold the land for a large amount of money. The buildings cost is high as we must create the 12 story building with 330 rooms along with a horse barn, a farm house, a supplies building and the electricity and water to run to all areas of the land. The Permits and Legal fees although a lot less then what is listed above is held very important to the company as it is needed to hold the right to the property and the activity inside it. Taxes are less then the American Taxes truly in Brazil, but the Brazilian Taxes are important to keep the land so I will need a good amount to pay all of these off to keep the land holding my Eco-Hotel. Lastly, the left over money will be to run the place smoothly such as repairs and the employee costs.

–If you want any more information about the business plan contact– [email protected]

The Impact
The Impact of this Eco-Hotel could change tourism and hospitality for the better as I plan to create a friendly environment and fun-zone for all hotels made each being Eco-Friendly even in the most industrial areas around the world, Including areas in East Asia and North Eastern United States.

Other Ways You Can Help
Even if you can’t donate to my cause I still enjoy you reading this and being kind enough to look around my page. Although you can’t pay for any of the following perks it would be grateful if you could share the word of my Indiegogo page through any social media outlets, your family, or even your workplace!