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Today 10-07-2016 has marked a week my mom and I have been at St Mary’s Medical Center in Long Beach CA together. Our first 7 hours in the ER TRAUMA room, and the next 7 days inside ICU Module 5 Bed 5.

Every 2 hours the nurses move her to prevent bed sores. They suction her lungs to pull out any excess fluid, brush her teeth and suction her mouth. Nurses lift her eye lids, listen to her lungs and heart, check her temperature, and wait. They make proper adjustments and see how her body response, and then continue to wait.

Waiting seems to be the hardest, and yet it’s also astounding to believe how fast these days have gone by. I’ve been hanging onto every breath she takes. Every slight movement of her head lightens my heart, as I rush to remind her that I am right here, by her side. They shut off the blood flow to her extremities in order to direct the blood to her Kidneys and Liver as they were failing. As a result, Mom may lose several of her toes from both feet.

My step dad Michael has severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, so mama is the sole bread winner for them. Mama will need a few to several months of rehab before she can even consider working.

My stepdad and I continue to change shifts so we can get some sleep as well as not leave mama alone. It’s so wonderful to see the love my step-dad has for my mama, it’s a blessing yet it hurts to see him go through this as well.

My step-dad and mama are great people and always hell others inspite of not having any extra funds. Now with mama being 700 miles from their home and they NEED your HELP!

I want to share how grateful I am financial support, no matter the dollar amount, which you can give.

Raquel Serene

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