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Help Washup Cancer GoFundME Marketing PR Agency

Hello my name is Justin Dearmore I am 26 years old. I was diagnosed with mega blastoma, a form of brain cancer in 1999 when I was 9 years old and spent nearly 3 years in the hospital recovering. I’ve been in remission for 15 years. The doctors gave me a 35% chance of survival, but because I’m a fighter, I beat cancer.

Having had brain cancer has left me with a few limitations such as not being able to drive, limiting my freedom and causing me to rely on public transportation. It has also left me with cognitive impairment causing me to have short term memory loss, and leaving the left side of my body to be weaker than the right side. As a result years down the road i had to have surgery on my left foot becaue i had a flat foot and leaving a scar on my right eyes’ retina causing poor vision. Brain cancer has caused my equilibrium to be terrible making it hard to walk in a straight line.

I have been working for Walgreens for a year and eight months. Walgreens put me on a program where I would come in for a few hours a week on “truck days” (when merchanidce is received on semi’s) and stock merchandise. I’m very greatful to Walgreens for this oportunity to work. It has helped me in three ways: It has been a financial boost, has given me a purpose, and has also been nice to get out and socialize with people. Since working there, I have made a couple of friends.

This is how I came up with my idea to start my own business, and why I need your help. I obtained my Oregon state business license and the Name of my company is “WASHUP.” I’m currently working on getting my Washington state business license. I want to make it a non-profit, but I ran into a problem with the 501c3. Beacuse the 501c3 allows tax exempt status to contributors, it’s diffucult to complete correctly,and I need a specialized attorney to fill it out correctly. That’s why I need your help to raise $5,000 so I can hire an attorney to fill out this complicated form and register the 501c3 with the IRS. With my 501c3 I can file for grants and start my kickstarter, and begin the process of starting my buissness.

I want to start a self-service non profit dog wash hiring disabled people that work the hours they can work. I would like to make it a non-profit business so I can donate the proceeds to cancer research and the Humane Society. If you find it in your hearts to help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,