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Help Walter fight the fight

Walter Andruchuk Help Walter fight the fightIt is with great difficulty that I even have to write this. I really tried to find the right words to describe to you about a man that I call my father. In every lifetime you have one dad, an I was blessed to have two. Although I had met him later in life,he loved me and my brother as if we were his own. He promised to always be there for us even when my mother got sick and he kept his promise. He was the man that said I’ll take of your mother always.


He was the man who walked me down the isle at my wedding, that in it self I can’t tell you how much that meant to me to have, and a man who said everything will be okay with a smile. Unfortunately, though being strong for everyone else he fought his own battles. A few years back he was diagnosed with throat cancer. He underwent chemo and radiation and passed with flying colors and beat it! Other than seeing a child go through this it’s just as bad to see your parents too. As he had liver and throat cancer at the same time the doctors felt it wasn’t worth to be on the transplant list any longer. Well I feel they don’t know my father !! As many of us disagree with the doctors we are trying our hardest to have them put him back on the list. Cancer comes in many forms, it’s an ugly reality. You can’t ignore what people who live with this ugly disease have to live with and the pain they have to endure to keep fighting. To keep fighting for time. That we ourselves take for granted. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to watch. My father is a wonderful, kind, man and deserves to live whatever time he has stress and burden free.


He deserves to spend it with his wife whom has been by his side through this all and will continue always. His children and his many grandchildren that want him to know they are not going to stop fighting for him. With pride in his heart he would never ask for this, but I’m asking for him. If you can see within your heart to give just a little so he can do this. Whatever you may have so that it may help to give him some more time and experiences he can share with his family.

The stress of the bills, co-pays, medications and surgeries will all add up but the feeling that he has help might just help him know he’s not alone. Even though being diagnosed with cancer is a burden all on its own not having to worry about everything else I believe would make your mind a little bit more at ease and help to focus on what’s important which is the fight to keep fighting!

And beat this battle again! A kind word and support would do just the same. I’m asking as the daughter of whose father is not giving up and will fight until he chooses not to fight no more please please help give him a helping hand give him the sense of he’s not alone and that he can have time with his grandchildren who love their Papa so very much. Help him not worry. Keepfightingthefight!