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Hello! My wife and I are trying to raise money for our family’s move home. I am being medically retired within the next month. This is a very unexpected turn of events, but happy all the same.

With medical expenses from my disability, loss of my wife’s income and an unknown amount of time for my disability benefits to start, money is already getting very tight for us. We are completing this move with 2 children, a dog, 2 cars, just shy of 14 years of service, 10 years of marriage and memories.

We can’t afford to leave anything behind as we start our new lives since we’ve already downsized to the bare minimum, but we also can’t afford to take it all with us without help. The money will be used to rent trailers, pay for all the fuel over our 1800 mile journey, hotels, food and any incidentals along the way.

The sooner we can get funds the better, so we know what we can take if anything. We would be so blessed by any contributions that you can give! Thank you in advance, it takes a lot of swallowing of pride to extend our hand, but we need help and when we are able we plan to pay it forward! Thank you!

Sincerly the Stoeckle’s,
Chris, Missy, Sean, Christine and Amy (The dog)