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Help To Rebuild Our Bahamas Neighborhood GoFundMe Boost ViralExposure EMWNews

I am raising funds to provide relief for my family and a few neighbors that were affected by Hurricane Dorian in my hometown.Our conditions in Grand Bahama Islands are shocking.

Our home, though well-built, was destroyed by flooding. My dad saved up for decades, and was extremely proud of what the house represented (a safe haven for his family). He lost over $70,000 worth of contents, not including service bills, installation fees, and structural damage to the home itself

Similarly,communities look as if they have been flattened by a bomb, not a storm. With 70,000 Bahamians made homeless by the hurricane’s terrible power, our island nation is in urgent need of the kind of logistical assistance that only you helpers can offer. By devoting available financial donations to the effort, you will help my family members, afflicted neighbors and save Bahamian lives.

I am humbling asking for well-wishers to denote funds targeted at $70,000 so that my team can rebuild our home and neighborhood. Currently, as I write we are homeless, foodless and almost lifeless…You help will go a long way in bringing back what the devastation has taken from us.