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Help Single Mom with Disability make home safe GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

I am a 28 yr old single mom going through the process of disability, this means i cant work. I currently have a home with mold issues and ceilings that dont exists.

I have reached out to churches, friends, family and strangers. I am looking to raise 2500 to 5000 for home repairs as the mold is making my medical conditions more severe. recently my stove broke making it very difficult to eat let alone eat healthy which my medical illness requires as i am extremely underweight as it is (just about 90lbs.

I have sold what i can, every bit of my little income from child support goes to my daughter who is a size 0 in juniors and i cant keep up with how fast she grows. I take care of my father who is also disabled, i also have started a non profit to create a community of tiny homes for vets and anyone in need that will be specifically designed for people with disabilities although anyone in need is welcome.

Im truely at the point where suicide seems like a valid option and yes it’s selfish my mother died when i was 9 and i just dont have the support i once did. Im at a loss. This is my last chance. If you can help in any way, It may not be much but i have to believe theres still good in the world. I want to be here to see my daughter grow and not miss things because im sick and i don’t ever want her to know what it feels like to lose her mom at a young age. I know my life will be cut short but this is something i can fix to live longer.

If you have a dollar, 5 dollars anything to spare please consider helping. For everyone who makes a donation if you’re willing i would like to show my gratitude by doing something for you even if its a simple thank you email, note, video, or small bracelet made by my daughter and myself.