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Help save our home Viral Marketing GoFundME

My name is Wendy Patterson, I am disabled and in a wheel chair due to Cerebral Palsy and live month to month on Social Security I live with my brother, my service dog Dollie Baby, and our numerous birds and turtle.

Over the past few years whenever I am sick and go into the hospital my brother whom is my Personal Care Assistant doesn’t get paid.

On top of that my van is falling apart ugh, so that has all brought us to today we are in pre-foreclosure, we had worked out a plan of repayment with our company however for some reason things got screwed up on their end and we are back in pre-foreclosure. So we need to come up with the money as fast as possible.

Family is not an option, the last time I tried this we got a very harassing message, which we did save from one of our cousins.

So please help us save our home.

Thank you all so much.

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