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Help Save my truck Father needs Help GoFundME Promotion Viral Campaign

Hi my name is José de Souza 54 years old married, father of two lovely daughters,
I arrived in this country 15 years ago, but like all immigrants with no experience of work, and knowledge of the North American culture, but soon fell in love with the country and the people, so I started to work hard to have a green card and work permission, after many years of hard work and a lot of difficulty I had my green card and also the whole family, was the reality of a wonderful dream, so we decided to buy a house and a van to work, but we are left with a debt of $ 296,000.00 to the bank, and not have a good credit we were paying a very high interest, in the beginning it’s all perfect, but after some time It started getting difficult to pay all the bills at the end of each month, so we tried an agreement with the bank, but not lucky, and LOST OUR HOUSE AND VAN, was a difficult time and very sadness for the family, but life goes on and we have to raise up our head and get on with it, even paying a high interest I bought a other truck to keep working, because we do house clean service, and to serve our customers at the right time we need a good car. but I confess that the bills are killing me.
so I decided to let my pride aside and come to you to try to raise money to pay off my truck,
I thank everyone for understanding, if you can help me financially and sharing this post in your networks with your friends,please encourage your friends to do the same will be of great help.
God bless all,
Jose M de Souza