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Help Me in My Run for United States House of Representatives Kansas Congressional District 2 FREE CrowdFunding Campaign Boost IDIDIT Campaign

I have decided to run for United States House of Representatives for Kansas Congressional District 2. In order to make this a reality I need to get a head of the game now.

I decided to run because I feel that the average person like myself is not being represented not only in Kansas but nationally as well. I am the average Kansan. Through my experiences of being in foster homes at a young age, dealing with a broken home early on, being a product of parental abandonment, being physically, sexually and verbally abused by my maternal grandfather, being raped at the age of 18 and 22, and being in two abusive relationships I know what it is like to rise above circumstances. Those circumstances have shaped me into who I am today – a strong individual who can take my experiences and use them to help others who are not able to help themselves.

I have been a single mother to a special needs child for the last 17 years and know how the system is designed to keep people in poverty rather than help them incrementally work to get off of it. I know the struggles of dealing with absentee parents as I have had to deal with my sons father being an absentee parent. I have sacrificed a lot to keep me and my son in the poverty levels we have to exist in so that services for him will be there long after I am no longer in his life. I have also given a child up for adoption.

I have the unique dual demographic experience that comes with living in my district. I have grown up in rural, small town Kansas. I have also lived in some of the bigger cities in Kansas. So I understand the challenges that rural Kansans face as well as those that live in the cities I have lived in. I have lived in Nemaha, Barton, Shawnee, Douglas, and Wyandotte county.

Please help support my bid for US House of Representatives. I will work hard for every Kansan in my district.