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Help Patricia Fight Lung Cancer

Help Patricia Fight Lung CancerAs many know, Patricia is know to all as Mom, Nana, Trish and Trit.

In December she went to spend Christmas with her son in Oklahoma City. She seemed to be sleeping a lot, falling asleep in the middle of conversations and didn’t know why. She was taken to the Doctor who did an x-ray finding lung cancer – 3 masses, one being in her lymph node It’s been 3 weeks since her diagnosis; she must now undergo Chemo and Radiation. She currently has Texas Medicaid that Oklahoma won’t accept. We are trying to get her switched over to OK insurance now. Using her Medicare, we are faced with $65 a day co-pays (5 days a week) that we cannot afford!

We are trying to raise the money to pay medical expenses and high protein foods/drinks and keep her from worrying about finances since that is the last thing she needs to worry about.

Oklahoma City has the best Cancer treatment center around. She is set to start the radiation and chemo on Wednesday morning.

Remember, regardless how small the donation, it all adds up.

Thank you and keep her in your prayers as she begins this hard journey to stay alive!


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