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Help Michelle Keep Her Home Surgery Cancer Survivor YouCaring

This is my beautiful daughter Michelle during chemo along with my granddaughter Ashlynn. Michelle has always been a very hard worker. Sometimes holding down 2 jobs to provide for her family. She has 3 children…Tyler 18, Ashlynn 16 and Caydance 10. She also has 2 stepchildren who call her mom.

Tristen 16 and Gage 10. In Sept 2015 we got the horrible news…Breast cancer. In Oct 2015 Michelle had a double mastectomy and then started her chemo treatments in December 2015. She has not worked since October because of the surgery and the chemo treatments…and the bills began to pile up. She exhausted all of the breast cancer resources that were available to her early on at the start of her treatments.

Its always been hard for her to ask for help because of her independent streak but to keep a roof over her and her kids head she let her pride go for the sake of her children. Michelle has always been such a loving and caring woman. Taking in people who were down on their luck, going out in the middle of the night to help a friend in need, giving food and clothing to ones less fortunate than she was.

She always has a place to lay your head and a warm meal to fill your stomach. She has always been a giver and now because of this horrible disease her very existence is threatened along with her home. Her grandmother and I have used up all our resources to help her with the bills and now Im turning to you for help!! Her home is being foreclosed