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Help me set up my 1st home studio GoFundME Marketing PR Agency

About me
My name is Cheflano Meiland, but as an artist I go by the name of Romano and i’m raising money for the kids in my neighborhood and myself.

We get false promises and no studio time. I decided to take things into my own hands and start my own home studio. I bought some gear, but it is not enough to make the music sound good enough to go public with it.

The reason I make music is, because I love making it with whole my heart. The people from my neighborhood and me also share the same opinion that music making is a process where you can think of life and express yourself in your music. Making it a great relief.

We also believe that we can get better and make a career many friends already advised us to go public with our music that we wrote right now, but because of the gear that I bought we don’t have the right quality I want to do it all again with my own gear and some new upgrades.

Every little bit brings us closer to our own music studio and to our dreams.

Thank you in advance!

Ps: Please see photo to see for what the money will be used for.