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Help Me Leave to find Safety and Security YouCaring Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

I’m in a bad living situation and just need to get out in one piece, safely. So I am asking that the public at large share and donate! I appreciate the help, no matter how much or what it is.

So I’m that silly girl. I was with this guy a year ago and left, only to come back expecting something different. Needless to say, they haven’t. The situation is completely out of control and I need to get out ASAP.

He had put padlocks on doors, I have no way to the store in the snow (since I sold my van before I came back because I was promised the use of his 2), and the fight baiting is constant.

For people that know me, I am a little flighty and a gypsy. I do work online, but I have been pouring every payday into his household (which includes a 13 yr old). I have been buying groceries and things for day to day life (like TP, laundry soap, etc). So I have stayed broke.

I am now living on his sun porch with all my belongings and 2 cats. Since I didn’t have any money to do anything else, it’s what I’m having to do to work and save up. Sleeping on the floor, running 2 space heaters 24/7 to keep it warm (it’s 8 degrees as I write this and snowing).

I just need to get out! I’m not going to fill in all the gory details, try to win you over by some sob story… I put myself here, I accept it… I would just appreciate some help.