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Help Marine Veteran With Recovery from Paralysis FREE GoFundME Marketing

My husband is a Marine Sergeant, who has a loving family a wife and two children a 7 month old daughter and 4 year old son! Dustynn is a caring and loving man who would do anything for anyone. My husband went into surgery on 7/15/2016 for a very simple outpatient hernia repair (So we thought). When he woke up and tried to stand on his own his right leg buckled from underneath him. He then realized that his entire right leg was dead. (No movement, feeling, or function, complete paralysis). The hospital then tells us this is normal and discharged him home with no walking aid to assist. We then went back to the ER later that night due to he had complete paralysis of his right leg still (9 hours post-op). They admitted us for 4 days, and we left with no answers or testing completed to find out what or why this this was happening to him. We finally received a second opinion from neurology explaining that the surgeon who performed the operation cut his femoral nerve.This financially and emotionally has taken a huge impact on our family as I myself am not working due to being a full time Nursing Student. Our income has dropped and bills have increased due to my husband being out of work until further notice. We are asking desperately for help to pay for his treatments to give him a normal life again, and keep us a float until he can get back to work. Please help us beat this! These doctors have completely ignored the fact that something went wrong in surgery. No one will tell us ANYTHING. Please once again we need as much help as possible at this point. Thank You.

Sgt Dustynn Prosser
Cpl Shana Prosser – (Spouse)