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Help lindsay pay for lawyer GoFundME Marketing PR Agency

I am brought to this site as a last resort. I have tried multiple avenues in order to higher an attorney to defend me against my x husband.

A little about me, i am a single mother of 3 little boys. I am a veteran of the United States Navy. I am currently enrolled full time in college for a paralegal studies. I am currently going through a hard time. My childrens father gave up his rights to our children in 2014 pending the adoption by my husband at the time. I even gave up child support because I was promised by this man he would take care of us.

I found out in 2015 that the man I married lived a double life. He was putting himself on craigslist and various websites seeking sexual favors from men and women. The second I found this out i immediately removed my children and me from the home. I felt as though he was partaking in extremely risky actions and bringing it into our home.

When we separated I was under the impression that he would still try and take care of us. Even though we both agreed to a divorce he made me believe that he would still help me. For the first few months of seperation he would give me a little to help out with different things. Then after 3 months he told me if I wanted money to get a job. Getting a job is the first thing I wanted to do. But then reality of childcare costs along with gas and other bills made me realize, if I do get a job it has to be at least 16-17 an hour just to get by.
Finding a job that pays this much usually requires a degree. This is why I am enrolled full time into college so I can support myself and my children on my own.

So my delema at the moment is I am being taken to court by this man who made promises that he didn’t keep. A man that sexually assaulted me in our marriage. A man that hurt my children when I wasn’t around. All I ask is for help if you can. I understand everyone has their own struggle. And I am doing everything in my power to raise money to pay for a lawyer so I can have the justice my children and I deserve.

Please if you took the time to read this or you know me personally anything I receive is greatly appreciated. Even prayers are welcomed. Thank you for your time and God Bless you for your donation and time.