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Help Kayla Live Pain Free : FREE GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Please help our daughter live pain free! Our daughter has a debilitating pain disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. It’s usually extreme pain in one or two limbs, but my baby has it in her entire body! We have tried everything and the last and most successful option is Ketamine Therapy!

Of course insurance does not cover it! We have raised some money and had some even saved up but her biological father who she hasn’t seen in over 5 years started taking me court so he could make medical her medical decisions during the summer and we had to use our money for an attorney.

He lost of course and she now has a restraining order against him. I can’t post regular updates on her page or campaign in a normal way because he keeps dragging us back into court, because the state of Florida lets him.

But I do send out a monthly newsletter to get supporters and donors!! Please share her story and if you are able, any amount is important. She does not have any pain free days. She has tolerable days and does activities that distract her. We have done EVERY other treatment option!

This is her last hope! This has the highest success rate at putting CRPS patients in remission! Thank you for reading and again, if you can’t donate, please share her story and if you want to be added to her newsletter, please message your email address through her GoFundMe page!!