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Back in 2012, I became victim of an unprovoked attack.  I was socialising in a bar and when I left an unknown man who wasn’t even in the same bar dragged me to the ground and continued to stamp on my head and face.  In doing so he cracked my skull and perforated my ear drum leaving me deaf in my left ear for the remainder of my life. I was hospitalised for around a week and it then took an additional 2 months to recover near to normal, and since 2012 I have ongoing memory issues. 

Upon losing my hearing and a damaged eardrum I also couldn’t walk properly and consequently had my driving licence taken for 5 months. This meant loss of earnings and put me in a very dark place.

The steroids I was put on to take my brain swelling down also made me very aggressive which in turn ended a relationship which was difficult because she had been caring for me and making sure I took correct medication as I would forget I had taken them and then take more. 

I want down down the legal route to try and compensate my loss of earnings. The case always being built and it was a no win no fee basis.   When I went in for initial interview with solicitors, one of their questions were have I ever had any criminal convictions. I answered “No” as to my knowledge due to memory problems this was true. However this wasn’t true, back in 2007 I was discharged from the British Army for going AWOL and served 21 days in military detainment.   Therefore once that information came to light, I had already spent the equivalent of around £6000 on legal services.  My case was dropped and I was left with a huge bill that I couldn’t afford.   I then had to set up a payment plan to pay this off. 

This is has been ongoing for a long time now and I feel through no fault of my own. I was left with a life changing trauma, loss of hearing and a huge bill from not only the solicitors but also from loss of earnings in my recovery time. 

I am hopefully trying to raise the money that I lost so that I can finally put that towards getting a house of our own for my wife and daughter and that way I have extra spaces I that we can give her a Brother or sister, because our current situation is very tight and with so much still to pay on these backdated debts we see no end to it. 

Thank you in advance for any donations no matter of their size.