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Hi Everyone,

My name is Lola Agbetunsin, and I am a tutor for SAT Test Prep and Math. I have received numerous phone calls for free SAT tutoring. Instead of offering free tutoring, I decided two months ago to create a website that would help students studying for the SAT. The website would be free for everyone using it. The website features Formula sheets, SAT strategies videos, Practice Test Questions, Review Notes, and an SAT blog. I am the only one working on this, and I have a full-time tutoring job. I have received two types of feedback. Some students have informed me that it is a good resource however, the others have more requests.

The money raised is used to pay for :

The monthly the subscription to the test generator,

The monthly the subscription to the Wix website generator and apps,

Images used on Wix,

The monthly subscription to Videoscribe,

Paid ads or Experts to improve visibility for the website (SEO).

This is a volunteer project but, I am wearing thin on sleep, time and money. I try to work more to make the money to pay for the website expenses, but I get too tired to work on the website. Please help me bring this vision to light.

Thanks in advance.