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Help Fadi to get master degree! GoGetFunding Campaign Viral Marketing

Wounded memories, Torn dreams and an unfinished university degree was all I carried when I left Syria running away from the flames of war.

Since I believe that knowledge and education is the keystone of ending suffering and giving a better future for those who suffers, the only goal that was guiding me through all of this darkness is getting the highest level of education.

I didn’t seek for asylum because I think that there are children, women and people with disabilities deserves it more than I do, so I decided to rebuild my life with sweat and tears and step up towards my goals.

I managed to get my bachelor degree in media and journalism while having a full time job .In 2014 I was awarded the HSE University Scholarship in Russia (Master degree in Public relations and advertisement) but things got out hand since the scholarship only covers university fees, living expenses in Moscow was crushing me and butting my educational level in a huge setback.

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According to the university high standards I was no longer meeting the requirement of the scholarship although I only have the master’s thesis left to graduate. They also kicked me out of the dorm.

Now I have to manage to get 5000$ by February 2017 for thesis resubmission and a place to stay in.

I truly need this boost,by helping me you are not just taking my hand though this last step but also you are restoring faith of having a better future

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