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Help Courtney Survive Brain Cancer & Get a New Home GoFundMe Boost ViralExposure EMWNews

At the age of 14 Courtney was diagnosed with brain cancer, she’s had surgery and they couldn’t get it all because it was intwined around her nerves on and under her brain stem. And they was losing her so they had to stop the surgery! Do to them not being able to get it all it has to be watched, she has had radiation and since then it’s been the size of an almond seed. She has difficulty with head pain, body tenderness, nausea, ear pain , balance problems, sensitivity to the sun and overheating. Now do to the stress of her loosing her home her symptoms have went from every other day to every day all day now! Her and her mother and sister was renting a rent to own home, After six years and $37,000 their home was sold from underneath them with no warning and no fault of their‘s. Do to them having to live with family members (they have know where else to go), it ever obviously they don’t want them there, the stress is too much for Courtney. It’s really hard for them to find a place. At this time she is needing help with funds to rent a home so plz, we are asking from the bottom of our hearts for donations or at least sharing this fundraiser. We’d be very very grateful for anything you could do even if it’s a $1 to $5 or just sharing the post to get the word out. Please pray for Courtney. God bless everyone and we appreciate everyone amen!