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This is Coal. He found his forever home with Kristin after a visit to the
vet turned into an inseparable bond. He came in as a patient and left as
her new friend. He was diagnosed with heartworm disease and the owner was
unable to provide the care needed so she asked if she could have him.
Along with being heartworm positive and needing to do treatment, he was shot
with bb’s all over and has a scar across his neck from an embedded collar.
Coal is a sweet and gentle giant who has always been a loving soul for
everything he has had to go through. He had a tough start with Kristin as
heartworm treatment was very rough on him. At one point, the
Veterinarian didn’t know if he would make it through it. Luckily, with
treatment and love, he made a full recovery. For the past 9 years he has
had many adventures with Kristin and James aka Mom and Dad, Reeses and
Chloe, his feline siblings and Raider his canine brother. Running on the
beach and snuggling with his Momma are his favorites! Recently Coal has had a
string of health problems. Earlier this year he was diagnosed with cancer
that required surgery and chemotherapy which on a good note is in
remission. A short time after that he lost the sight in his left eye due
to primary glaucoma. Through it all he remained the same spunky, young at
heart dog he has always been. Most recently, the pressure in his right
eye had increased to the point of causing pain as well as risking the
vision he has left. In order to try and save his vision he has had
surgery, multiple hospitalizations and numerous follow ups. His Mommy has done
everything she can to help him keep the best quality of life possible
especially while they wait for Daddy to come home from deployment. She has been driving
1.5 hours to 2.5 hours each way to take him to different Specialists to
help relieve the pressure, along with multiple emergency visits and numerous
medications. Every time she’s able to finally bring him home, the pressure
spikes and they’re right back where they started. Kristin does an amazing
job at monitoring his eye pressure so at the first sign of an increase she
can take action. We always joke that Coal will out live us all because of
their love for each other and the lengths she will go to
provide him with quality care. It’s so special to see them together. If
you have never seen love before, you will know what it is when you see Coal
look at his Mommy. If he could have his way, he would never leave her
side. Any help you may offer, whether it’s a donation, a share or a
prayer would be greatly appreciated. Kristin is the type of person that
WILL do everything financially and medically necessary to help her babies.