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Help a single mother decorate a house (XI LU)


Hi there, I’m XI LU, this article is for my poor distant relatives who reside in Shanxi, China. Chen Mei, and her departed husband, Wang Jianguo, before they started building a house on their ZHAI JI DI (“宅基地”, just like “homestead in China”,

I’m not sure how to translate this word, in China peasant do not completely owned their land, “Zhai Ji Di” means “in village a native family buy a piece of land to build a house for live and only for live”, the family can’t sell this land and the house, law is not allowed, but the owner may rent their house), they lived a happy well-off life,

Chen Mei is a shop assistant and her husband, Wang Jianguo is a truck driver, they married more than six years and their daughter, Wang Fangfang was 5 years old. They started building new houses in the spring of 2016, with their own savings and some loan from relatives.

But, before the house was almost covered, Wang Jianguo suffered a serious car accident in one night in a long-distance transport, after be rescued in ICU for 5 days, he died. They did not buy commercial insurance, only the basic compulsory insurance.

The amount of insurance compensation was not enough to cover the loss of goods and the medical bill, the family immediately fell into poverty. Of course, the construction of the house was interrupted.