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Help 8 friends travel the world GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

We are a group of eight friends from around the world who would like to be able to travel together. We would like to raise $35k to be able to complete our dream to travel to the Philippines together for the average of a year.

The money will be used for travel expenses such as room and board, food, health/emergencies, and travel costs. 

We would like to have the funds by the beginning of summer. Four of us are finishing school; we would like this to be our end of school trip. This would mean so much to us because not only would we be able to see each other, but we would also be able to enjoy the trip making memories and experiencing different cultures together that would last our lifetimes. Many of us would be able to see each other for the first time in person.

We would be very grateful if we made it to our goal, We don’t fully expect to make it to the goal because it is such a high request, But it would make our world if we got the help from all of you to make our dreams of meeting each other and exploring the world together a reality.