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Helen’s Wheels JustGiving Marketing PR Agency

Helen is just an ordinary woman, living an extraordinary life. You might see her at the checkout of your grocery store. What you won’t see is that she has cerebral palsy, and is a wheelchair user. This confident, witty, intelligent woman is fighting daily battles of pain and fatigue, doing it all with a smile and the confidence that makes her loved by all her friends and family, and admired by those customers she greets and serves every day.

You can help ease her discomfort. The fatigue from pushing her wheelchair around daily is setting in. She’s a 42 year old soul trapped in an 80 year old body. How do we give her a shot of anti-aging love? By this wheelchair drive program.

The appropriate societies will not pay for this on Helen’s chair as it is not deemed a requirement for her to live. But there is life and there is quality of life. Her physical quality of life deserves to match her mental. Donate to

now and help us raise £4300 to get her wheels in motion!

Why are you giving?

You are giving to ensure a woman is able to live a life with less pain than she currently does.

What will my gift provide?
A wheelchair drive program, which will make her chair self-propelling.

How will this help Helen?
She will no longer have to exert her shoulder muscles constantly to propel herself through life. It’s like a constant gym session except it’s all pain and very little gain.