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Happy Anime Subscription Service FREE Kickstarter Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Why overpay for quality anime?

With Netflix and Hulu’s high price and limited anime why pay more and get less? With Happy Anime you will pay a low price of $4 a month!
You heard us right, for a price cheaper than a Big Mac you can enjoy the sensual taste and delicate pallet pleasing wonder that is anime!

Our goal

Our goal is a simple one, and that is to bring you, the customer, with quality anime and movies.
It will be an arduous task to say the least so our goal point of $10,000 will towards website and app development, hosting, and research.

At the end of our goal we plan on building the website first, then android app, and finally the ios app in that order. After which we will research on other applications to potentially send our glorious streaming service to. (Apple tv, roku, chromecast, ect)

So with this in mind, I hope you fund our project.
Thank you for your generous time and patience.