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my Greek bees
Be the world’s first beekeeper from your couch! Manage and watch your Greek bees work for you and enjoy your high quality, free of chemicals, bee products.
Invest in beekeeping in Greece managing your “own” beehives!
We want to give to our children, to our friends and our clients the best, pure organic products. So we don’t use any toxic chemicals in any stage of the production. We try to face and win any challenge and problem under the principles of organic beekeeping.
We are fortunate to have the opportunity to have our own apiary and experience all the stages of the work made in a beehive; from the birth of baby-bees, to adulthood, collection of honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly.
Why everyone couldn’t have this opportunity? This thought was the beginning of the birth of “my Greek bees” project.
• You will be the first person in the world to gain the unique experience and ability, to know where your bees live, where they collect honey from and everything that happens inside the hive. And of course you’ll enjoy your pure organic products:
• Pure Organic honey
• Fresh colorful Pollen
• Propolis tincture for antimicrobial use
• Beeswax salve of your choice
Do you feel like getting a profit out of this? You have the unique opportunity to buy large quantities of the products in wholesale prices. Show people your photos and videos of your Greek bees, and sell them your Greek Organic, tasty products.
Be a beekeeper for real!