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Grandpa Joe’s Medical Recovery Fund CrowdFunding Exposure

It is with great hope that this campaign was created to provide much needed support to a person who has contributed a lot in the lives of many of us; Our husband, father, brother, grandfather “Pop Pop” Joe

My dad Joe had nearly died but through the grace of God, he pulled through. I guess that was the easy part as now my parents are on bend and knee with medical bills and can barely afford two medications that my father needs.

With the winter season coming on alongside with a stack of unknown hospital bills, there is the obvious underlying question how much of this financial setback will be covered. This fund will assist in easing this financial shock to a husband and wife that have done so much for a number of us, for so long.

Please, even $1 will help.

With enough donations, we will easily reach our goal and with that comes piece of mind that we all have come together to do a random act of kindness to simply pay it forward.

Thank you for your support!